CVSync is a portable CVS repository synchronization utility and freely available under the BSD license.

Now all of CVSync are available at github.

The latest distribution is 0.24.19.

MD5 : 2d4de4516a6698bd25d7f7fef7d55486
SHA1 : a3c0673bf0f3b81b1eb45ac828a527d2a4e6d2f6

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Recent Changes

Changes from 0.24.18 to 0.24.19

Changes from 0.24.17 to 0.24.18

Changes from 0.24.16 to 0.24.17

Changes from 0.19.2 to 0.24.16


If you want to retrieve a list of collections, do like this:

% cvsync cvsync://<host>[:<port>]/

For example, to retrieve a list of collections to be distributed on

% cvsync cvsync://

The result is:

Connecting to port 7777
Connected to port 7777
 Name: cvsync, Release: rcs
  Comment: CVSync CVS Repository
 Name: cvsync-www, Release: rcs
  Comment: To mirror CVSync web pages
Finished successfully

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why no compatibilities with CVSup®?

    I was very tired to read Modula-3 code.

  2. Why isn't the configure script used?

    I hate it.

  3. Do these tools support IPv6?

    Do you REALLY use these tools?

CVSup is a registered trademark of John D. Polstra.

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